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In-Home Visits

We Bring the Vet To Your Pet

Embleton Veterinary Mobile Services takes pride in delivering premium, personalized, compassionate care to our patients and their guardians in the comfort of their home through Peel Region and expanding through surrounding areas. Our team strives to provide a stress free visit for veterinary care. This all starts with a warm hello for you and a yummy treat for your pet.

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Why are mobile veterinary services better for you and your pet?

People Perks

Is your work schedule hectic?
Is every minute already accounted for in your personal schedule?
Do you lack transportation or are you physically not very mobile?
Do you have really big pets, multiple pets or sick pets
that you’d rather not transport around town?

Pet Perks

Is your pet too old, unwell or otherwise unfit for travel?
Does your pet get stressed by the carrier or car travel?
Is your pet unpredictable with unfamiliar pets or places?
Is your pet contagious, immune-naive or immune-compromised?